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Conceived in 1990, Gugly was born out of two Division I swimmers’ visions of what athletic sportswear should be.  As fierce Division I competitors, these pioneers became known for their unique style of clothing—in particular, their swimming apparel.  The style became known as ‘gugly’, and thus, the legacy was born.

Over the course of their careers, it became apparent to them that competitive sportswear fashion didn’t allow the athletes to express their individual tastes.  Styles and fits were outdated, and advances in sportswear apparel were few and far between.  They began to search for companies meeting the needs of up and coming athletes, but to no avail.

This quest is culminating into what will be the next generation of competitive swimming and multi-sport attire.

In mid-1999, Gugly's team of current and former athletes began development of the  Gugly  line of gear and equipment and began to create the world's premiere multi-sport web site--gugly.com!  Once complete, there will only be one stop on your browser for the best information, coaching, entertainment and sportswear.  Stay tuned, as we attempt to revolutionize the swimming and multisport worlds!

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